Integrity and honesty
Since the beginning we have always placed in the forefront principles of integrity and honesty, based on which we have built solid relationships of professional trust which still exist at present, and which represent the true force of our firm.

Devotion to work
Our firm, established and developed starting from a family management, can rely on the preparation of collaborators who are extremely motivated and who aim at the utmost quality of service. A continuous research of new materials and attentive care to details is what Venplast aims at, in order to reach a high level of competitiveness on the national market and abroad.

We wish to offer solutions and products which can meet and satisfay the needs of our customers, whether concerning quantity and types of goods, or speed delivery. We observe, evaluate, make decisions together with them on the most suitable choices aimed at obtaining the best results.

Our commitment, the reliability and loyalty pursued within our company, lead to that sense of responsibility which enables us to address our customers to focused purchases based on awareness, characterised by well weighed choises according to their real needs.



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